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Welcome to the official Tantric Pulse store. Visionary art gives a voice to our collective mystical experiences and is our generation's sacred art. Each season we will be featuring original artwork from three Visionary artists. Support these amazing artists by purchasing a high-definition print for you, your friends, or anyone you know who would love to own one!

Denis Runikov


Denis grew up in Russia where he lived an ordinary life until he began to question his purpose. After graduating university, he met a Shaman who told him to leave society for 1.5 years and live by the Black Sea in isolation. While nearly starving and freezing to death on multiple occasions, he started working with all the natural plant medicines that grew in the area (cannabis, salvia, and mushrooms). He made contact with other-worldly beings and unlocked his true calling as an artist. Denis focuses on mixing ancient spiritual symbols with contemporary memes to create potent artwork which speaks to the soul of the modern person. He travels across the East making art and is presently in India.

Simon Psy-Pix


Simon grew up in a small but incredibly inspiring community in Austria. From a young age he showed a natural talent for art and attended the Elbigenalp sculpture school. His passion lead him to travel to the East which is where he took inspiration for his work. After numerous experiments with colours and light, he found his calling using fluorescent colours. Simon's had exhibitions at major art galleries and decorated some of the biggest Psytrance events on the planet. "I will not let myself, nor my art, down on the spectrum of political or elite thoughts. The layers I aim at are way above that and deal with consciousness and the highest of all goods LOVE! Truth is what I want to spread and is what people should feel or encounter when decoding my works."

David Nuño


David lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where he developed his unique ability to connect with stories from his past lives through painting. He believes that we can all heal our past traumas by meditating on art, just as he heals his shadow through everything he paints. David pours his raw emotion into his work in hope that his pure intention will help the evolutionary process of human consciousness towards Oneness. He shares, “A painting is not just used to decorate a space. For me, painting is a method of healing that helps us to integrate what we as human beings all have inside. May I make a tiny contribution to your awakening through my work.